Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blazer Meets Girl

It's mid-morning, mid-August, and I'm outside thinking I may need to grab a sweater!

To say that excites me even more for fall to come, is an understatement.

I've already started my goodbyes with my favorite summer pieces (which will be another post), and I'm trying my best to hold myself at bay when it comes to wearing boots (it's cold inside, after all!)

What really didn't help in the effort to contain my undying love for fall, was buying the perfect fall blazer a couple weeks ago.
It was a very calculated, very thought out process that I came at gladly because in the list of things I love most in life, jackets and fall are in the top 10. Seriously.

And much like it was in the dating process, I had to go through a few other contenders until I realized which was the right one for me.

Read all about that process and get some fall inspiration of your own in my newest Style Setter blog, up today! 

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