Monday, August 19, 2013

A Must-Have Heel for Fall

There's absolutely no reason for me to use up any space trying to convince you that sale shopping is a good thing.

What I am going to try and convince you of, is buying a pair of patterned shoes. Like these heels I got at Belk's mother of all shoe sales (not an official name, but it should be).

I've walked away with two really good deals on shoes now, so don't think that once you've hit up a sale there are no good deals left-go back for more!

These were a harder decision as I really didn't need them, and I had just purchased a pair of black pointy toe heels. But boy am I glad I got them.

Not only is the heel the perfect height (around three inches), but the pattern is both playful and versatile. All the little accent colors will add the perfect pop to many a classic outfit, while the shape of the toe will peak out perfectly from long jeans.

They're even surprisingly comfortable! They're Nine West which is nice because it's a name I trust, and well they were under 20 bucks so even if I wore them once around the block they would be worth it!

Think about adding a pattern shoe to your collection this fall, you'll be so glad you did!

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