Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outfits to get you Through the End of Summer

Today I want to give you my secret to putting great outfits together at the end of a season.

It's especially hard for me at the end of summer, because, well we all know-fall's my favorite.

And because right now it's a little too early for boots, scarves and sweaters, I use this little trick to keep myself interested:

Now is the time I pull out all my summer favorites and wear them again.

By wearing what I love about summer, it keeps me dressed appropriately and getting more wear out of what I might miss in a few weeks.

This striped maxi dress is especially my favorite because it's so versatile and perfect for office wear this time of year! I'll wear it alone like this with a bright sweater...

Or I'll throw up my hair up, a t-shirt on and some polka dot earrings for meetings or just running errands.

I love having a piece like this that can transform as my day does, and will certainly miss it when fall does roll around (it will be a short lived miss, but still a yearning none the less).

What do you plan on re-wearing till it gets cool out?!

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