Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why My Foundation has Gone Into Hibernation

Well, the letter "A" got the shaft.

They went straight to BB then CC creams, leaving A wondering what the heck he did to offend the beauty world.

Don't be sad, A. "AA" has a whole separate job.

BB and CC creams have certainly taken over my beauty drawer this summer.
In fact, I've ditched my regular foundation all together in favor of using one of these - all. the. time.

Here are three reasons why (and just to stroke A's ego, instead of numbering I'll use letters)...
A. It's summer, go lighter and show off your skin!
BB and CC creams are a great light alternative for your face. Giving you just enough coverage to look presentable, but not so much that you look cake-y in the sun light. All you're left with is a dewy, natural glow.

bb cream reviewBB. These kinds of creams do all kinds of good for your face.
Keep layering on a BB cream, and you'll start to see spots disappear! I've noticed a difference in my skin since I started using it a year ago, and I'm very pleased. And by the way, this year Garnier (my favorite brand of BB cream) has introduced an oil free version. So if you tend to be more oily, that's the perfect one for you!

CC. Because sometimes you have to fake glow-y summer skin.
cc cream benefitsFor those times when you maybe laid in the sun too long and you need to balance out some redness, or you just want you skin to look radiant and not dull or sallow, Clinique's CC Cream is the final answer. It corrects all of that, leaving behind a very natural (very well blending) radiance so powerful, people might think you're pregnant (hey it's already happened to me and I've only been using it for a week.)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, they are both packed with SPF, so it's doing your skin ANOTHER favor by shielding you from the sun.

I have to say, this summer can go on record as the happiest I've ever been with my skin. Using less foundation has had me feeling like one of those perfectly skinned beach babes who walk off the beach looking like a surf board ad. You can have the feeling too!

Join the BB and CC band wagon and I promise, you'll be happy you did!

(More on my favorite SPF products later in the week!)

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