Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Love Letter to a Hair Dryer

Dear Andis Hair Dryer,
Truly, I've never loved any other hair dryer more.

From the moment we first met in that hotel room, when I first felt your soft black handle and realized you were light as a feather and quiet as a mouse, I knew. I knew you were the one for me.

best hair dryerI apologize for the time that lapsed between setting you down and ordering you for myself on Amazon. It was only because I had to locate my ipad.

My love, your power overwhelms me. Before I met you, I had to spend over 15 minutes drying my long thick locks, but now with your 1600 watt blast, I can dry my hair from soaking to bone dry in 7 minutes. In the summer when it's hot and I don't want to stand under heat for very long, your speed means more to me then you'll ever know.

You're everything I've ever wanted in a hair dryer...and more.

My heart skipped a beat when you came in the mail, and every time I get to hold you in my hands I know my hair is going to be dried just right.

I knew hotel hair dryers were good, but you have excelled above them all.

Let's blow on together forever and always, dear Andis Hair Dryer. For I will always have wet hair that needs someone as light, as quiet, as powerful and as spy-looking as you are.

Forever yours to dry,

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