Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Weeks {Fuzzy} Nails

Five years ago, had you told me I would one day paint something on my nails called "Fuzzy Coat", I would have looked you in the eye and wondered if it was safe for you to be alone.

Of course, there's the whole magnetic phase that would have blown my mind as well, but that's another story.

Fuzzy Coat by Sally Hansen is this cutie little concoction of teeny tiny strips of color that fill up your nail and make it look very cool (and, of course, fuzzy).

It stopped me in my tracks walking past it in Target the other day. And it was without hesitation I picked up the black and white version (there are many, you can see them all here).

Paired with this neon green, it makes for the perfect little accent nail-arty look. And it was super easy to paint on (we'll see about the removal process).

I think it's totally cool (when do I not think this about a new nail item, really?) and I'm already planning on maybe carrying it over to next weeks nails with a deep red/orange color.

Fuzzy on!

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