Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stupid Beach Waves in a Bottle

Never before in my life has a hair product worked so well it's pissed me off.

I've been reading about these sea salt sprays for a long time now, and finally purchased one at Urban Outfitters the day they opened. Boy does this stuff  really stinkin' work.

texturizing hair spray
It's infused with sea salt and the whole purpose is to give your hair the smell, texture, and look of being blown about by beach wind...and it does just that. It does that so well, you feel as if your hair has been on this fabulous beach vacation while you've been stuck at work in front of the computer.

That's not fair!! It truly does feel as if your hair just got tossed about by some waves then rolled in the sand (without all the grit and sandy gunk to go with it).

I mean sure it's great to have a quick way to do your hair this summer. And of course it's going to be great to have that surfer girl hair vibe going while it's hot. But if you love the beach as much as I do, you're going to get a little frustrated every time you swish and smell the salty sea emanating from your hair.

I haven't tried it on wet hair yet, but I have found it works as a great refresher for my waves the day after washing. And it would probably give pin straight hair a good tousled look since everyone's hair looks a little bit sexier after being on the beach.

It's definitely going to be nice when the summer heat really kicks in and the thought of standing under the heat of a hair dryer and straightener is repulsive

Ok, so maybe it won't be that bad having hair that gets a vacation before I do. :)

(You can also buy it here, by the way.)

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