Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Style Setter!!

Sooo this is kind of a big deal.

If you missed my last segment on the WBIR morning show over on FOX, it was announced that I am the new Style Setter for West Town Mall!

Basically what this means is I've got another blog-child :)

I'll be posting blogs up on the Style Setter website, that are geared towards things you can find at the mall and what good deals there are to be had.

Every time I post a blog on their website I'm going to direct you over there from here (and include a teaser or two, no doubt!)

So thanks for coming to read The Spiff, but for today hop on over to the link below, then tell 3 or 4 or 47 of your closet friends about it!

And if that's not enough of a tease, how about this...I've written about the ONE article of clothing you need to get you through EVERY event this May-check it out!

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