Thursday, May 9, 2013

Because She Gave You LIFE

You know what 5 year old me thought was fun?
Climbing into the middle of clothes racks while my mom shopped and not answering her when she called my name.

Brutal, right? The crazy part is my husband did the same thing when he was little. So combine that with my current love of shopping, and I can just tell you there will be duct tape involved when shopping with my children.

Mom's night out
We all owe our mothers a lot when it comes to what they put up with from us, and this Sunday we get a chance to thank them.

But since they've put up with a lifetime of runny noses, or in my case-a weird idea of fun, let's thank them before Sunday with the gift of time and maybe some shopping money!

Tonight, West Town Mall is making it easy on all of us with an official Mom's Night Out! (Click there for a preview of some of the deals!)

Grab your Mom and take her on over there at 5pm for some hors de oeuvres, deals, and (if you're one of the first 250 people) a swag bag full of goodies! (And let me just tell you, I've seen the goodies-they're goooood).

It's going to be a fun night of hanging out at the mall with makeovers, entertainment, swag, food and more!

Don't make her wait all weekend for a,"thank you" and some quality time, take her out tonight! Give her some shopping money! And for cripes sake, stay out of the clothes racks! :)

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