Friday, May 10, 2013

A Gift That "Covers" Mother's Day

We're coming up on a day to celebrate one of two people that had a lot to do with your existence in this world.

Sunday is Mother's day!  
Mother's day gift idea
Belk - $36!

Whether you got your hair, your eyes, your style, or your stubborn side from her, you owe your mom a big thank you for putting up with you (and continuing to do so).

So what gift measures up to all that?
A bathing suit cover.

Ok, maybe it doesn't make up for countless years of wiping your nose or your other end *ahem*, but it would make her feel glamorous at the pool this summer.

And chances are she's give out all her "bathing suit cover cash" to help you get some gas or to get through things like, oh I don't know, COLLEGE.

This woman deserves a little pampering. Make her feel like a sexy bond girl in one of these this mother's day!

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