Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Monday Morning Hair

The one thing you have to be quick to clarify when you announce what I'm about to announce, is that you do take regular showers.

I do take regular showers...but I only wash my hair about once a week.

Here are three reasons why...
1. The process of getting my hair into a "publicly acceptable state" is always around 2 hours. I don't have that kind of time every other day.

2. If you let your natural oils take over a little bit, it's actually easier to style your hair (unless it's really fine, then you're the exception).

3. Switching hair styles up everyday make it so that you're never board with your look. And by not washing it all the time, you're forced to get more creative!

The one day that this schedule sometimes backfires is Monday morning.You put so much effort into Sunday hair that the next day is always a crap shoot.
keep hairstyle overnight
Look! Good overnight hair!

It's a lot like cooking...sometimes a dish gets better after it sits over night, and other times it just gets soggy.

To prevent soggy leftover hair, here's two little tricks I keep up my sleeve...
1. Hair spray right before bed.
2. Satin pillow case.

I spray down my whole head with hair spray right before going to sleep so that I lock in the hair style I'm going to sleep in. And the satin pillow case keeps the moisture in your hair (and face, by the way!) and keeps all your follicles smooth and kink free. It's in a word...beautiful.

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