Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fighting Ugliness, one Dark Spot at a Time

It's not a good time to be a dark spot. Right now, it seems as if every new beauty product has some sort of "dark spot" fighter going on.

Everything from tinted moisturizers to special creams, those dark spots are being fought left and right. Boy, they're really not having a good year.

Unfortunately they're on to our little plan, and some of them are starting to form a revolt. Because a lot of those so called "correctors", even brands like Philosophy, haven't worked. Which means those little boogers think they're winning. But they're NOT.

Laugh manically no more, you evil dark spot minions, I've found something that is truly going to eradicate your very existence!

It's called "Skin Vanish" (the full name is "Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish" by Sarah McNamara).

I don't know who you are, Sarah McNamara, but I like that your name rhymes and I really like your cream.

This stuff fights dark spots with one continuous blow to their groin (just go with me on this little metaphorical adventure). If I rub on her vanish cream at night, I'm looking at results in the morning. I've completely knocked one out with this cream, and it feels good.

Sarah McNamara, your instant imperfection corrector is my new hero *swoon!*

Take THAT dark spots!

(Interested in some dark spot fighting of your own? You can buy it here, but before you do, remember how great it is and it will last you a long time, and you'd really save money in the long run by not buying so much makeup to cover them up...ok you may click now :)

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