Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear Spring,

Let me start by saying, I'm not your biggest fan. But it's not your fault. It's Summers fault. You are the precursor to a seaon I've had my fill of, and the curtain that closes my second season love-Winter.

No hard feelings, though. You do a marvelous job of making everything look so lovely and cheery outside. The dogwoods and tullips are a nice touch and I greatly adore them.

For the white flowers that fall so dreamily from the trees, I say thanks, for they keep the memory of snow alive.

This year I've taken steps to be excited about your arrival. I've purchased clothes that will help me ring you in with joy. Specifically two skirts that I admittedly can't get my mind off of, and will help me create so many looks that are Spring worthy and beyond.

Spring, if you were a person and not a season (that's not even deemed worthy of capitalization), I would sit and chat with you outside (because of the gorgeous weather you've brought) and tell you how JC Penny has the greatest clothes now, and it's there that I got my two favorite spring skirts.

I'd also mention that when I first saw them I decided to wait till they went on sale, and sure enough about a week later, I got two skirts for the original price of one.

I'd tell you all of that, but then I would look like a crazy person sitting outside talking to myself or saying things into the wind.

So I thought I'd write you this note to say welcome. Thanks for being the (second) greatest season change. It's nice to transition into some fresh looks, lighter nights, and prettier days.

Spring, I think this is going to be your best work yet.

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