Monday, March 18, 2013

Box me in Please!

Sometimes being boxed in isn’t a bad thing.
By that I mean, I really don’t mind perimeters.

There are days when I’ve torn through my closet trying to find something that would make me happy to wear to work, and I think, “man, I miss uniforms.”

When your options are wide open and everything’s game, there’s just too many choices!

This is true especially when it comes to my nail color for the week. Give me something to go on so that the close to one hundred (literally,and if not over that) color options I own won’t look so daunting.

So when I saw that this week marks the official start of spring, I thought, there it is! My excuse to go bright! And after Saturdays abundant sunshine (and wind) I knew, OPI’s “Need Sunglasses?” was the perfect answer to my weekly color dilemma.

Just painting yellow, however, wasn’t enough. I wanted it brieeeeght bright, so I started with a base of white, painted the yellow, then added Essie’s Matt About You –mattifier over top so that the yellow would really pop. And man, does it pop.

I’m saluting spring with some seriously sunny digits.

Need sunglasses? I’m happy to say that despite today’s rain,when I look at my nails I actually do!

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