Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Get and Pull off a $2 Skirt

Today's title needs to be...
"How to style a $2 skirt without looking like a $2 skirt yourself *ifyaknowwhatimean." Unfortunately, that's too long so I went with, "How to Get and Pull off a $2 Skirt" which, now that I think of it, sounds like I'm going to teach you how to dismantle the skirt.
Oh well.

Moving on.
SO where can you first find such a treasure as a $2 skirt? I'll tell you where. You may find it at the promised land of all cheap clothing promised lands-Forever 21!

Every so often they'll get down on their knees and beg you to take their clothing in the form of sale upon clearance sale. So a skirt that was once over $10 (still not bad) after being sifted through clearance and then another 50% off is now...TWO DOLLARS.

Trying on said skirt, I couldn't immediately decide if I liked it or not. Then I realized even if I only wore this skirt to the mailbox and back, it's $2-who cares!? So I got it.
Over the weekend on my official Valentine's Day date night, I wore it and it was worth all 200 pennies.

The lesson in all of this? Never snub your nose at a good clearance sale. Even though I'm not always in the mood to pick through the slim pickings of a clearance sale, I make myself at least walk through it because you never know what you're going to find.

Now, here's how I pulled it off...
Being shinny and tight, this skirt has high potential to come off looking--for lack of a better word and yes I get the irony--cheap.
The way to not let it get there is to pair it with a sophisticated, voluminous top and flat boots. The volume in the top balances out the tightness of the skirt, and the flat boots again add sophistication by hiding some leg. High healed boots are a definite no in that they would make me look as if I report to my office on the street corner every night.

Also it's a good idea to wear skirts like this one with some black panty hose because that also slims your legs while letting less skin show. Remember, do everything you can to balance the potential "hoochie" factor this skirt can easily sway towards.

The key is to wear that $2 skirt like you paid waaaay more than that! :)

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