Wednesday, February 20, 2013

JC Penny for Your Thoughts?

You know who's stepping up their game and really working it lately?

That's right, they've gotten a new hair cut, plucked their eyebrows and got that one awkward mole removed-they're the newly made over popular kid in town!

Don't believe me? Here are three reasons why I've dropped some cash there in the past 6 months...

1. Selection Selection Selection. They've got a great selection of basics (ie: cable knit sweaters, button downs, skirts) while layering on top of that a very good selection of fun/trendy items like high low sweaters and colored jeans. Not to mention their workout section is to run for (get it? Instead of "to die for" I know, you're rolling on the floor right now)

2. Even more than selection (because that's great and all, but Nordstrom's has a great selection) they've got great prices! And this is where I feel I'm most impressed with Penny's. They've got good prices without even having a sale, but they don't let things sit full price for long. They run sales often and when they go they go all out. Just as an example, over the weekend I bought what's pictured: a skirt, a dress and shoes all for the low low low price of $25. That's the total: $25...can you believe it!? That's precisely why I keep going back!

3. The final reason to shop there-they've really stepped up their ads. When Sunday paper time rolls around, it's Targets and JCPenny that I'm holding on to like it's the last bite of the best cake ever. They've cleaned up their visual clutter and they get me excited from cover to cover.

Don't discount this awesome department store just because the last time you were in there it was to buy something for your Grandma.

Make sure you pop in soon because someone's bound to start letting out the secret! (Oops)


  1. Spiffy,

    You are right on about JCP !!! The ad got me there and as soon as I walked in noticed the change right away.


  2. Right on about JCPenney. I used to avoid their clothes, but in the past year, I noticed the changes - great modern styles for great prices!