Monday, February 18, 2013

What I do with my Saturday Nights

Saturday night would be a good time for a personal chef.

I like to spend that night of the weekend at home, on myself (hair, face, nails-the whole nine yards) but I always have to schedule everything around what I'm cooking (ie: Saute mushrooms, dry hair, pull chicken out of the oven, remove face mask).

Having a personal chef would solve that problem. And I'd only need him/her the one (maybe two) nights out of the week. I love to cook (and would quickly turn this into a fashion/foodie blog if that idea wasn't already taken), but Saturday nights I would love to be able to devote to this *sweeps hand down silhouette.

This past Saturday night we had a delicious dinner of boursin cheese, portobello mushroom and roasted chicken pasta, while I emerged with a blow out and very clean pores. My nails, however, got put on the back burner (ha! pun!) until about 11:30 pm.

That's when I started on my favorite little technique, as of late, the black outlined nails. I started with a very very pale pink (that I had thought was more lavender then it turned out to be) and that quickly degraded into a blithering mess (another problem with doing your nails late is things mess up, people get annoyed-it can be bad).

Thankfully, my husband was asleep and completely unaware that I started the whole painting process over from scratch at around midnight. I grabbed an OPI Red, threw on "His Girl Friday" and forced myself to wait while everything dried.

My nail art pen has unfortunately bit the dust, so I went with some black Sharpies to do the outlining. The downside to using a Sharpie is that it will always react and smear with a top coat-the catch being you have to have top coat on in order for it not to wear off. Oh well.

The end result wasn't so bad (and not being on TV this week allows me to relax a bit more about it). It does solidify the fact that I love love love this nail technique. I would probably never grab and wear this red by itself, but outline it in black and-wow there's the edge I'm looking for!

Here's to hoping your Saturday nights are filled with pampering and a personal chef (Oo there's an idea-Pampered Chef! Oh, wait... ;)

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