Monday, December 17, 2012

Woop Hair It Is!

I've got a secret.
It's a hair secret.
So good thing you're here now.

I picked up a hair doughnut on my last trip to H&M and Lordy, Lordy, that could be my favorite hair purchase of 2012! (ConAir sells these as well).
hair doughnut how to
It creates the perfect little bun, and is so comfortable to boot! And you know, folks, if I'm saying it's comfortable sitting here with 5 pounds of hair all strapped up in it-then you know it's COMFORTABLE.

Here's how it works....

You start with this: the doughnut, bobby pins, ponytail holder.

hair doughnut how toYou put your hair in a ponytail and arrange it how you like. I don't like my hair slicked back so I'll put it in a tight ponytail then pull it out to give volume. Another thing to keep in mind is that your bun will sit where your ponytail originates, so if you don't want it high position the ponytail low (and visa verse).

Now, pull the doughnut through your hair to the base of your ponytail.

how to use a hair doughnutThen what you're going to do it dip your head over so that your hair is all spread out, all the way around the doughnut (you should be able to stick your finger in the middle of it). It is important that you're bent over for this step or you won't get the right results.

Next, (which still bending over) start taking your hair and swooping it over clockwise, all the while making sure the doughnut continues to be covered with hair. So you're swirling your hair clockwise around the doughnut so that the hairs start to tuck in around it.

how to use a hair doughnutGet the bobby pins and pin it on the top and the bottom. That's all I've done and it's stayed pretty secure, but for a super solid bun, pin in several different places.

Wha-LA! (Almost forgot that part) You have yourself a pretty bun! And it was so easy! AND it looks like a professional did it. AND it stays in place.

Oh, I love it. And now with all this "doughnut" talk, I'm going to have to go eat one (the sugar kind, not intended for hair use ;)

Remember to watch The Spiff live tomorrow at 8:45am on Fox-we're talking good ideas for last minute presents :)

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