Friday, December 14, 2012

Sparkles Kid Sister

Metallics-they're like Sparkles forgotten kid sister.
But you know what? Much like little sisters, they make everything cooler :)

Don't forget metallic colors when you're shopping for something to wear this holiday.

If it's in a belt, pants, or shoes-they do add a cool vibe to whatever it is you're sporting.

The only rule with them is to let them shine by themselves.
Don't pair them with their sibling, sparkles. Then you're just wearing a competition.

Let a metallic belt stand alone or if you absolutely must, pair it with something that sparkles far away. For example, a metallic belt with sparkle earrings is acceptable. Or metallic pants with a sparkly head band, also acceptable.

I just bought this belt at Forever21 for less than $5 and I love the shine it gives off. It's so cool.

I would never dream of upstaging it by wearing it around a sparkly top *gasp*. I like to give it it's own stage on which to gleam, like a black tunic top or around a cozy knit sweater.

Remember two things about metallics: It craves the spotlight, and it instantly brings a cool factor to your outfit.
Boy this comparison between metallics and little sisters is just uncanny! ;)

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