Thursday, December 13, 2012

Go for the Gold remember when I said I like to pack in all the sparkles I can on my nails this year?

Yeah, that's starting to become a daunting task.
Because there are so many options!!

It's like I've said about this nail art trend before, it's great I love it, nothing makes me happier then to be able to be even more creative; however, it opens the door so wide to possibilities, sometimes too many try to squeeze through the doorway and they can't fit.

What I did this week was by all current interpretations of nails-pretty simple. But I'm loving it so much I will definitely look for reasons to sport it after Christmas.

Ok, so let's skip the whole "OMG Maybelline's Color Show" nail colors are so great, I'd have their little nail baby if I could" speech. You know what I think about them by now.

What I started with was their "Bold Gold". It's such a great metallic color and their polishes provide such great coverage, I could have stopped there and been happy.

But I didn't (of course) over top of that I added Sephora's version of OPI's "Only Gold for Me" glitter top coat.

I only sparsely added that though, so it looks like I have a smattering of little gold polka dots all over my nails. At the right angle you catch a glimpse of the perfect little glint of light.

When the glitter to polish ratio is low in a bottle like this (and most of the time that's the case with bigger glitter) it's easier to just do it over a color that matches the glitter. If you try to cover your nails in this kind of glitter, it would take a whole lot of coats.

Doing it this way adds the perfect holiday pizzazz to anything I touch.

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