Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa's Little E.L.F

There's a dirty little makeup secret out there, and by dirty little secret I mean it's out there and people know about it and now so will you. It's the make up line e.l.f. (it stands for eyes lips face).  It also stands for really, really, REALLY cheap makeup.  I'm talking eyeshadow: a dollar, BAM. Mascara: three dollars, BAM. And while you're thinking this thing is too good to be true...
It's not. And it's a great idea for younger people on your list that you're not exactly sure what to get.
 What makes this particular beauty buy so great is that it's got eye shadows on one side and a tutorial as to how to put them on, complete with a color by numbers diagram on the other. 
So not only do you endow the person you get it for with beautiful eye shadow colors, but you also equip them with the ability to put them on perfectly! 
And the good news is, this book can also be found in town at Forever21 and Target.

It's a Christmas miracle!

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