Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Warm Glowing Glire

Never underestimate the power of subtle glitter.

Sparkling can easily become an addiction. I know, I've fallen prey to it myself.

You catch a glimpse of your shirt or dress in a mirror and see how it's all shimmering and you think to yourself, "Why would I ever NOT sparkle?" Pretty soon you're setting everything on glitter-fire (also known as "glire" or "aglaze").

To keep from falling into this trap, learn to recognize the value of subtle glitter.

A shirt collar, for example, is the perfect little spot to add some pizazz.
Or even just a pair of sparkly earrings, or a cool tuxedo trouser with sparkles down the sides. Little details like that by themselves make for an intriguing outfit, sometimes even more attractive than an entire shirt glittering in your eye.

When you go out this week, look for little ways to sparkle instead of big "SEE ME HERE!" kind of tops.

The other advantage to these kinds of things is they can be worn throughout the year. Most of the time my full on sparkle tops don't see the light of day until it's December, but the tops I have with subtle glitter get attention at special occasions no matter what time of year it is.

Proving, sometimes less is definitely more.

Next time you go out for a party, ask yourself, "Am I giving Christmas trees everywhere a reason to be jealous?"
If the answer is no, you've dressed yourself well :)

Merry Christmas!

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