Tuesday, December 18, 2012

From Chains to Party Skirts

Your clothes called, they want out of the box.

Back in the day (and I'm not swelling up with pride when I say this) I owned a pants chain. It wasn't a wallet chain as it attached to nothing but my pants. I was in love with this thing (pause to control vomit), and wore it often.

There was one occasion, though, that I'm proud to say I actually put that thing to good use. I needed a necklace that sat a certain way and after looking through my collection I realized I wasn't quite happy with anything I owned. Then I saw said pants chain and I had an epiphony! If I connected it in the back (instead of to my belt loops) I could create just what I was looking for!

I did, and it worked.

Ever since that day, I stopped looking at accessories or clothing items the same way. This dress, is a good example.

A $20 dress from Ross has now served as the perfect Christmas party dress, a top, AND a happin' party skirt. How? I took it out of it's "dress" box.

By putting over it a tighter black top (to control the bulk and the form of the top of the dress) then over that a gray long sleeve top to even everything out-I now have a party skirt!

And you know what else? I have more mileage from the $20 I spent. This dress isn't going to sit around waiting for the next party. No sir, this thing will get broken out multiple times a year because it's not just a cocktail dress-it's whatever I want it to be (except pants-it will probably never be pants).

All it took was a little imagination and lots of experimentaion!

Break open that box (and never ever buy a pants chain).

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