Monday, November 5, 2012

Marvelous Monday To You!

I'm very particular about a Monday post on The Spiff. Of course, I'm also particular about Fridays, and for that matter Tuesday, and Thursdays.
Also Wednesdays.

But especially Mondays.
Because I know what it's like to be sitting at your desk wearing what you picked out the night before when you were tired and focused on the house being clean and the wash being done (or, and probably more commonly, wearing what you picked out fifteen minutes before you left for work).

I know how Monday's focus can either be completely in your work (aka: super busy) or completely on something else when it should be work. And I definitely know how the first cup of coffee can feel like half of a happy meal when you're starving.

What I try to do is post something that's going to get you excited about being you...wait, that's everyday.
Anyway, today I'm going to get you excited and hopefully brighten up your Monday with a little knowledge about a great eye product. I figure, what day is a great eye product needed more than a Monday, am I right?!

Lately, I seem to keep coming across all these brags about Garnier's new Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. So I finally had to go out and try it for myself.

I love the first use of a new product, by the way. The whole anticipation of all it's going to do for my face is so thrilling.

What this one promises to do is to brighten your eyes (instantly, of course) and over time with its caffeien and lemon extracts. It's got a roller ball that gently delivers just the right amount of product.

The product, by the way is pretty great. I mean it's not HOLY COW MY EYES ARE SO BRIGHT I DON'T NEED FOUNDATION or anything like that, but it's much better then me using my expensive foundation to fill that same void.

Speaking of expensive, this is definitely not. It rings in at only $12 and looks to last me 2 months if I use it everyday. Also, it comes in two shades, the lighter of which suits my skin just fine.

So I'm going to give it one very well manicured thumb up (not two I'm not that in love just yet). 

They also have one that de-puffs for those very Monday kind of Monday's. Oh and hey, Happy Monday :) Smile every time you see yourself and know that God's doing the same thing!

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  1. I've been meaning to try this!

    I use this:
    pretty religiously but have been wanting to try something new.