Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's All an Illusion!

If you're a faithful reader of The Spiff, then you already know that clothes are the rabbit in your little magic hat. They are your tools for creating the illusion you want for your body.

I talked about this on the morning show this moring, and there are a few things I want to add to what I may or may not get to say (I know I switched tenses in there, but I figure that will cover both before and after the show :)

First off, (again if you're a faithful reader you're about to say "enough already!" in 3..2..) never wear anything just because it's in style. Never ever follow a trend or buy clothes that are trendy only because of that.

Buy them because YOU like them.
Buy them because they make YOUR body look good.
If a trend doesn't work on you, then stay as far away from it as you can.

If you like something that happens to be in style then so be it, but do not force yourself into wild colored pants just because other people are. Wear them because you know you can rock the heck out of them.

That being said, there are a few ways to make what is currently in style work for the skinny illusion I know we're all going for.

Hi-Low: Meaning the shirts that are low in the back/high in the front. These hide a big bum and make your legs look longer. Done.

Heels: The chunckier the better if you want to hide thicker legs. Thin heels and straps only make your legs appear larger then they may be-so break out the winter chunks! (eww that doesn't sound good at all)

Patterned Dress: Good news about a patterened dress is it hides bumps by being an optical illusion. Even better news is a dress is an outfit all in itself and can be worn throughout the winter months by adding tights and a blazer. A greater investment piece could not be found!

Color blocking: You're probably seeing this everywhere (I can't tell you how many color blocked pencil skirts I've run across) but they're your best friend when it comes to creating a long lean line. Just remember, the eye is drawn to color so create your own color block by adding a bright top with an a-line skirt to mask a pear shaped body, or throw on some bright pants and a black top to highlight those skinny gams!

Peplum Top: If you've shopped for five minutes in the past month you've seen about 40 of these. They're the tops that look like they have a small skirt attached at the bottom. Don't stray away from these if you want hips or have them. They're magical in that they give you volume where you need it and hide a little volume where you don't. Just make sure that if you're wanting to hide your hips with one then go for a longer peplum.

Ok, that was as short and sweet as I could make it. Now hop on Facebook and watch today's segment, then come back for another dish tomorrow!

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