Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumpkin Face

Happy October Everyone!!!

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. Why?
Because well, it’s Fall!!! And I love this month for many many reasons, but one is because we’re on the cusp of all the holidays and fun time! Love. It.

Speaking of holidays and fun time, I realized we haven’t had a theme week here on The Spiff in a while so this week is going to be all about how to do your makeup for pictures. Specifically outdoor pictures.

But don’t be deterred, if you don’t plan on getting photographed outdoors for a while these are still helpful tips for looking natural with your makeup in any scenario.
So check back in all week for more tips!

 To start the week, the month, and these tips off let’s begin at the foundation…

Apply your foundation in natural light. It’s always a good idea to check your foundation in natural light because that’s the most telling light of all.

You don't want to end up with pumpkin face-foundation that's obviously not the right shade for your face, and shows a crease right at your jaw line. NOOO!!! (Don't let that picture be you! ;)

I completely changed foundation last year because I noticed that outside it wasn’t matching the rest of me (gah! That’s the worst feeling in the world!) I searched and searched until I found precisely the right shade for me that looked super natural (ha! Not in a ghostly way, more of a uber way) outside.

Once you have that perfectly fitting foundation, apply it in natural light if you’re going to be photographed outside because it will prevent you from caking it on.

Even if the foundation matches your face, caking it on can still change that. And I know how it can be when you’re getting ready for pictures or any kind of camera experience, you feel like you have to add an inch to your face. Well you don’t!

Go slow and remember, applying makeup is like cooking…you can always add more, but it’s a big impossible mess if you try to subtract.

Happy Happy October everyone!!!! Yay!!!!!

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