Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Your Face

Confidence begins in your face.

If you can't walk outside and be confident because you feel like your makeup isn't right or that it's too much then you can't be truly confident.

(FYI: True confidence doesn't need mood lighting ;)

So, this week on The Spiff it's all about how to do your make up well so that it looks good outside in photographs because that is the ultimate test for makeup.

Yesterday we started with your foundation, today we're going to build on that (pun, oh so intentional).

One thing to avoid if you're going to be outside (and really only go to it for special occasions) is shimmery powder.

The reason for this is the light reflecting off your face could make you look like one giant sparkle face. And unless you're playing a villain in a James Bond film, you shouldn't be a sparkle face.

Something else to watch out for is translucent powder. I hear a lot how that stuff is supposed to set your make up, and I'm sure there's merritt to that, but the only time I think it would be necessary is when you need your make up to last all day.

For pictures, or for being outside you don't need it because what it could end up doing is making you look washed out.

What you actually want for a good picture face is powder with a little bit of a yellow tint so that you have some color in your face.

And please, if you're going to use concealer, remember to apply it in natural light and blend the heck out of it. One way I've found getting my concealer to blend the best is by applying it lightly OVER my make up instead of under it.

But with concealer especially, check your face in natural light so you don't have those large white circles under your eyes or bulls-eyes drawn around any blemishes.

Hey, just think, walking outside and looking someone full in the face with the confidence that your makeup looks natural is a great feeling, WELL worth the effort :)

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