Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hunting Peachy Pink

Want to save money on nail polish?

I found a sure fire way, walking aimlessly through a beauty supply store the other day (more on that later).

Lately I've been craving this bright peachy/pink color that seems to be blossoming in places (except in pants-why can't I find it in a pair of pants!) and I saw the exact shade I've been looking for in a nail polish.
The nail polish was $14. Thanks, but no thanks.

So what I did was I grabbed the polish, and started walking around the store with it matching it to other, cheaper brands.

Ten minutes or so later (that wasn't all searching, there were a lot of distractions) I found...get this....are you, really.....I found the shade in a $3 bottle of polish.

Lap it up? Yes, yes I did.

How great is that? The $2 shade against the $14 shade, there was hardly a difference to notice. Saving me over $10, thank you very much!!

It pays to hunt.
And here are the fruits of that hunt....
Of course I had to add a chevron accent nail-when can I not!? (This time I only attempted two rows of zig zag to mix things up ;)

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails,You are ok in my book. (This color's name is "Coral Reef" by the way-which isn't anywhere near as exciting as the OPI-esque name I gave it... "Coral Me Maybe" ...or... "Coral for Your Thoughts?" ...Ok, I'll keep my day job ;)

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  1. Awesome! Love the color.