Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Give "These" a Chance

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about her earrings. I told her I liked them and she started telling me they were a gift from a friend of hers. She explained that she would never have picked them out herself, but it turned out she really liked them.

I think those are fun gifts-the kind that you would never have bought yourself, but you end up liking a lot. It breaks you out of your little box and forces you into trying new things. 

Of course, it's virtually impossible for the giver to know they're getting you something you would never buy but will definitely love, so sometimes we have to do it for ourselves.

The cheapest way of broadening your accessory box walls is to look at your current collection of jewelry, pick out the one thing you can't remember wearing last, and rock it again.

Even if it means wearing it to the grocery store. Take your unworn jewelry into the light and give it another walk around the block. If you're really hesitant, find something you haven't worn in a while and pair it with your favorite top so you know at least you'll be happy about that.

If it doesn't work out, then part ways with it. But if it does, keep going! Find more things in your jewelry box that need to be dusted off and give them a second chance at life!! 

Who knows, this might get you on a role and give you new outfit ideas. I heard once that if you start doing routine things with the hand opposite your dominate one, that it wakes up the other side of your brain and gives you access to new ideas. Maybe the same is true if you do things in a pair of earrings you wouldn't normally wear. It could wake up some new outfit ideas with what you already have in your closet!

Wouldn't that be amazing?! It would definitely be worth a few trips to Kroger in last years Christmas presents ;)

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