Monday, October 29, 2012

A Clean Brush is a Happy Brush

And a happy brush makes for good looking eyes.
And good looking eyes make for a happy person.
And a happy person makes for more happy people.

So really, what I'm about to tell you will benefit all of society.

You're welcome :)

If there's one thing we should all realize in this germ-conscious world we live in, it's that when we put something near our eye on a regular basis it aught to be clean.

And this brings me to reason number 4,335,725 why Sephora is so wonderful.  Inside their candyland-for-women-walls rests brush cleaner (which can be found on the brush wall) that is cheap, disinfecting, and overall simply wonderful.

It's only 10 dollars and will last you at least 3 months depending on how often you clean.  But it's wonderful! Especially if you're a multicolor eye-shadow person like me-self.

The only hitch I have found in this program is that you MUST look very carefully at the bottle's label as there is a spray, or "daily cleanser" (that's pictured, and that you can use for a quick clean) and a shampoo (that should be done with time to let your brushes dry, say, overnight).  I was a habitual user of the spray till I accidentally bought the shampoo and also fell in love with it.  It completely resets my brushes so that they are color free (no bleeding the purples and the greens for a poopy color) and ready to go directly in my EYE without any hesitation...

...Which I do when I'm applying eye liner to my water line. For that I HAVE to have this stuff because I don't want sparkles or grossness entering the inside of my eyeball.

Ideally it would be nice to have both because the spray is so great for a quick clean, but that's not a problem with them being on 10 bucks!

Now go out and prepare to celebrate all the happy, talented people you know that were born on this week :)

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