Friday, September 14, 2012

Lip Service

The very first time I saw fushia lips I was in-I was all in.

I love doing a bold lip (read Monday's post to see how to ease into it!), but when someone with black hair and white skin does a bold red lip-they're tettering between "classic beauty" and "after dinner vampire". 

Fuchsia lips are so fresh, so gorgeous, it's one of my favorite spring/summer trends by far (I could go Gwen Stefanie with this stuff, easy).

The great thing about going bold with your lips is that there are so many options right now. Besides reds and pinks, you could also dabble in different shades of purples and mauves (again, probably not the best option for dark brunetts unless it's Halloween and you're into that kind of thing- I guess in this one and only sense, blondes do have more fun!)

Here are some ways to keep whatever shade of bold you choose looking good on your lips and not everywhere else...

1. Brush your teeth. I always do this first since the emphasis is going to be on your mouth, you want to make sure you have pearly whites behind those curtains :)

2. Take your tooth brush and gently go over your lips with it. This will give you a quick exfoliation ensuring a smooth canvas.

3. Get foundation on your lips. You heard me. Let some of that powder, or whatever you use get on your lips so that you start with a perfectly prime canvas on which to paint.

4. A lot of people suggest starting with lip liner that's the color of your lips. I think this is a great idea, however I never think to buy it when I'm out and I've gotten away without it for a while so it's not a must.

5. Now you're ready to apply, open your mouth and angle your head down. Take the lip stick and follow your lip line, but do it casually and lightly. By this I mean, don't try to follow the exact line of your lips to a T. It's better if you lightly apply then rub your lips together so you fill it out that way. Otherwise it's going to look too forced and perfect and you're more likely to mess up or go outside the line.

6. Smooth out any imperfections with your finger (use a dab of concealer and foundation if you made any major errors that got on your skin). Dab your lips together, then take a paper towel and blot them really really good. This will seal in the color and basically stain your lips.

7. Go over it again with powder-this will set it really well.

8. Do another once over with the color, this time concentrate more on the inside of your lips.

9. Rub them together and finish off the whole thing with gloss (if you want the shiny look) or balm (to keep your lips from drying out).

10. After you've got everything the way you want it, stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out like a popsicle. This will catch any lip stick that may have gotten on the insdie of your lips and eventually save your teeth.

Now, smile and wink away cause, girl, you've got yourself a sexy look! :-D

Ps: I always keep a mirror handy when I'm rocking this look so that I can make sure I've not got it all over my face...but look secretly so people don't think all that glamorous lipstick has gotten to your head ;)


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