Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cool Accent!

While I'll never have a cool accent (why WHY couldn't my parents have raised me in London!?)

I will often sport a pretty cool accent nail.
As did one of my good friends this week, so I just had to take a picture of our contrasting nails :)

The fun in doing an accent nail is that you don't have to repeat the same pattern on every single nail. Lord, if I had to do this ten times...ain't happenin'.

But one little nail with a cool little design wakes up your whole look and keeps it super duper fresh.

Another thing to keep in mind with an accent nail, is once you're finished painting it, hold it arms lenght away to scrutinize it. Because that's how far away everyone else is going to be that sees it. So all the little imperfections you see up close aren't going to be noticed at all by anyone but you. Unless of course you go around sticking your ring finger in people's faces, in which case, a messed up accent nail is the least of your troubles.

Have fun with it too!

Try all differnt kinds of patterns because the possibilities are endless. And when you mess up-good news is you only have one finger (or two if you do one on both hands) to fix instead of ten. In fact, if you do plan on accenting one with a design a great way to go is to do that finger before all the others that way if you have to take nail polish remover to it you won't be messing the other ones up in that process.

Two more things...
Refer to the color wheel when deciding what color to accent it with. Start contrasting and harmonizing your colors in a small way on your nails then let that ability grow into how you put your outfits together.

And finally, always ALWAYS make sure you're doing this because you like it. If you noticed I tried to squeeze that in on the show on Tuesday, but never do something because it's the trend. Do it, number one and only reason-because you like it.

You are the person that has to look at your nails the most, so make sure you're looking at something you like, giving you ten little reasons to smile all day long :)

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