Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Never Ever Say Never Ever

Two words I never ever thought I’d say in relation to something I’d want in my closet…

Denim shirt.

Why the sudden change of heart? It’s a brilliant layering piece.
Truly, brilliant.
Think about it, yes a white button down is classic and trust me, you won’t find a bigger fan of that look than me, but BUT a denim shirt would really mix things up and open the option as to what to layer with.

Not to mention the fact that it’s a fresh, 2012 take on the shirt under sweater under jacket look.

 Here are some guidelines to follow in order to get it right…

First, make sure it’s light weight. A big key to layering right is to start thin and get thicker, so choose a shirt that’s thin. I don’t ever plan on wearing one alone (of course that could change seeing as how I’d never thought I’d want one to begin with…the Beebs was right…never say never!) so what’s most important to me are the sleeves (long, please) and the collar (stiff enough to peak out and hold its own, thank you).

 Next, if you do pair it with jeans (I think it will work best with colored, black or tweedy gray pants) make sure they are a super dark wash. When turning the corner to be a multiple denim wearing kind of person, the number one rule to follow is never pair two denims of a similar color. Yes, NE.V.ER (even the Beebs would agree with this use of never, I’m sure).

 Finally, play up the textures. The wonderful thing about going with a denim shirt, is it allows you to layer over it lighter things (as opposed to a white shirt that forces you to go darker). Find light pink sparkly tanks or a nude and white striped shirt, throw it on over and you’ve got yourself 21st century collegiate style.

 I can’t wait to get one and start playing with ALL the possibilities!!

 Come back tomorrow for what I didn’t get to say on the air yesterday AND even more nail greatness :)

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