Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Technology is a lot like your spouse. It can dish out extreme amounts of both frustration and joy.
...But you love it anyway.

I apologize for the lack of a fresh post yesterday. For reasons unknown to me, Blogger decided to hold on to what I had planned to post and save it for itself, I guess.

Moving right along, I wanted to re-write for you the apps I talked about yesterday on the morning show (which you can see here if you missed it) and add some more to what I had to say...

1. Cloth
Seriously, Gals. Don't think I'm the lone freak who likes to remember what they wore. You should try it too!! This app makes it super easy and super convenient to keep track of your moments of outfit awesomeness and gives you the ability to wear, click, and repeat. The notes portion is especially helpful, and I really truly love how you can categorize by weather. I'm all about comfort on a rainy day, but everytime one rolls around I get completely stumped as to what to wear. This app will change all of that.

2. Total Beauty
I looked around for the most popular beauty apps and this was one of them. It's the replacement for my "Best of Beauty" Allure app (which is sadly outdated). This does have an advantage over that one, though, because it's written by people who've actually tried the products in every day life. I love that. And it's filled with all kinds of brands so you're sure to find what you're looking for!

3. Slice
I didn't get a chance to say this on the show, but I haven't tried this app yet I've only read about it. It has gotten a lot of great reviews and I think it's perfect for heavy online shoppers.
What it does is it pulls receipts from your email and tracks your shopping and shipping.
You can set it up so that it sends you a notification when your item has shipped, and you can easily access your online purchasing history.
Instead of search websites for return policies Slice has it all right there for you. And if an item you purchase goes on sale, it will let you know so that you can recover the difference.
Lots of amazing thing, this little app promises. Definitely worth looking into.

Sales Tax Pro, Fashion Fix, and WBIR Weather app were the other three I talked about. For more info on them, watch the clip :)

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