Monday, September 10, 2012

You Look MAvelous DArling

I appreciate a good fashion risk.

Some people look at crazy dressers and think "why?!", but if the fashion risk is just right (as in no skin or love handles are being showcased) then I really appreciate it.

Who wants to see the same old "safe" things being worn over and over? It's definitely more fun to appreciate, and occasionally indulge in, a fashion risk.

Unfortunately, as I've gotten older I've noticed that my more socially aware self has talked my clothes loving self out of more fashion risks then I care to admit. But the fact that my most recent purchase involved boldly striped skinny jeans means there's hope for me yet.

The key is taking it one step at a time. If you're someone who inside you desperately want to try bold looks, but when it comes down to the wire and you're about to walk out the door in something you know will make a statement but at the last minute you change back into black...try taking baby steps.

A bold lip, for example, is such a fun way to change up your look without being too expensive.

I love being in a bold lip mood-I think it's such a fun fresh way to go since you have to go lighter on the eye make up. Plus it makes me feel so glamorous when I'm talking to someone and my lips are a bold color. I suddenly want to pucker them constantly and use words like "Darling" and "Marvelous".

To ease into a bold statement like this, buy a bold shade and mix it with whatever gloss or balm you use currently. All you have to do is dab your finger on the bolder shade then blot it on your lips little by little, then smooth over the whole thing with lip gloss or balm.

Right now I'm obsessed with mixing my Victoria Secrets "Whisper", with Covergirls Blastflipstick color "Pucker" (or "Moue"...whichever one is the lighter one). It's the perfect neutral pink that gives me the right amount of shimmer and a whole lot of freshness.

I sooo dare you to try it. Just a little bit of color on your lips and you'll feel like a new woman, or would you believe a much older well kept, glamorous woman? :)



  1. I TOTALLY have changed clothes before making a statement. Then other times I have made a statement, and the people who liked it were people from whom I would NEVER take fashion advice. :-\ Last week, when I felt really bold, I wore purple nail polish instead of my traditional pink or red. I am thinking of keeping it on for another week, too!

  2. Purple polish! That's my favorite! Nice, one step at a time :)