Friday, August 3, 2012

How Many Times Can I Use the Word "Lab"...?

The only thing worse than biology class was labs.

Uhghch! I hated lab.

Now if lab was like the lab I'm about to have you do, then Oh Lord, I'd run to lab! (That's enough lab talk, I'm starting to remember them...)

Earlier in the week we talked about how to layer. It's tax free weekend right now so you're probably either etching your shopping list onto your forearm or icing your elbow from getting your way through line. Either way, now's the time to know what to buy to get the most out of your clothes and your money.

A great way to get good at layering is to practice (much like a lab!). Being good at it means developing your "eye" and that "eye" needs a work out.

When you're shopping remember what we talked about earlier in the week (see Tuesday and Wednesday's post for this).

After you shop, dump everything out onto your bed and get at it. Start with a basic piece like jeans, then pick a shirt you like with a pattern. Before you put it on, look at the colors in that shirt-are there any you can pull from with another piece you already own (or just bought?) any shirts you could wear under or over it that has complimentary colors?

Find shirts-try them on. Keep editing and changing until you've reached one layered outfit you're happy with. That's all you've got to do-one outfit.

Get it to the point where you're happy with it then wear it out. If you're happy with our little experiment, then rinse and repeat!

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