Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finger Nail Magnetism

Taking a break from layering class (I know, schools back in session EVERYWHERE!), lets talk about going back to school with some finger nail magnetism.

Now if you've watched me on the FOX morning show here in town, you've already heard about this little gem of a product, but this time I got a full week with it and I have more than 3 minutes to tell you about it :)

Sephora has dipped their brush in the magnetic nail polish well, and I have to say I'm neither happy nor sad about it.

Honestly, I was hoping for some OPI action with the magnetics but I didn't get it so Sephora will have to do. First off, it's higher than your average nail polish-ringing in at $16.

Now, is it worth that much?

Well let's see. I painted my nails three days ago and I've already got a chip so huge on my pointer that I'm going to have to repaint. Being the nail aficionado that I am-that's waaaayeeee to early for a bottle of nail polish costing more than two happy meals to start chipping.

Lessoned learned: top coat it.

Now let's talk color-the purple I bought "Houses of Parliment" is the prettiest purple I've found in this type of polish.  I really really like how the color looks even after being magnetized. The LCN version I have is a little too "I'm going to layer glitter over this then climb into my Justin Bieber sleeping bag when I'm done"-kind of purple.

I will say the pattern is neat. Having only tried the striped (LCN also came with a star pattern, but again-I hold a professional job and the ability to vote), this other pattern is more of a wave and is pretty cool.

What's really neat about it is that when you move your finger back and forth it looks like it's moving (forget that "professional job" thing I just mentioned).

Overall, not so bad. Magnetic nail polish is both a great conversation starter and a cool way to look like you've spent a lot of time on your nails when you really haven't.
Next time I have almost $20 to spend on nail polish, though, I'd probably see what Chanel's been bragging about.

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