Friday, July 6, 2012

That Lazy Kind of Clean

If you don't know already, The Spiff is a little bit famous. Yesterday I was featured on the local morning news show talking about nail techniques!

The great thing about me talking about anything beauty or fashion related is I can go all day (well, it's both great and not so great if you're limited to only 3 minutes), so since there wasn't much time if you want to read more about how to create ombre nails you can do so here!

Also, if you want to check out the segment you can do that here!

Speaking of going's some travel spiff for your next jaunt out of town...

Add dry shampoo to your pile of travel beauty products.
Your routine is never what it is at home when you're out of town, especially when on vacation. You just never know when you're going to splashlessly dive into a gorgeous teal green pool magnifiying your glamorous bathing suit, so your hair washing schedule is completely out of wack.

Because of this, it's always great to have dry shampoo on hand. I'm by no means saying that dry shampoo is a substitute for washing your hair when you've been in the pool. Always wash after that. But if you've washed and a couple lazy days have gone by and you just don't feel like making the full effort-that's when the powder or spray or whatever you use dry shampoo-wise comes in handy.

Take a vacation from all the hair work, but don't take a vacation from clean hair with dry shampoo!
(Yeah, with that line I'm sure the dry shampoo companies are going to be calling me any minute to write their ad campaign ;)

My current favorite, by the way, is Salon Grafix invisible dry shampoo. It's all the dry clean without all the white hair! (yeah?! what about THAT line!)  You can get it at Kroger for around $11, but it lasts a long time.

Happy weekend everyone, tune in Monday for more fresh hot Spiff!

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