Monday, July 9, 2012

If You've Got It, Don't Flaunt it...Put It Away

I've officially seen it all.

On a recently trip to Las Vegas, I saw what I once thought to be the impossible (and I didn't have to pay for show tickets either!)
I watched in amazement as girls of all ages walked around in 5 inch heels after having poured themselves into dresses that laughed in the face of gravity and stayed in place a meer inch (if not less!) below their "goods". 

Hats off to them, only because they're going to need something to cover their WHO-HA any second, I'm sure.

Don't be those girls. I know it's hot out there, but short and tight doesn't make you any cooler. It only makes it more uncomfortable for you (I can't imagine how they sat down) and everyone that has to look at you.

For the next three days I'm going to show you that staying cool while dressing office (interview/church) appropriate doesn't mean you have to look like you moonlight as a lady of the night.

Skirts are a great way to stay cool while still being professional. The trick is to go loose and pleated. A short full skirt with pleats, says you care about your clothing and you're not trying to give away all your mysteries (one can only imagine what "short and tight" says...actually with short and tight, one doesn't have to imagine anything...)

And when I say short I mean no more than 2 inches above the knee (there definitely needs to be material below your finger tips). Any shorter than that and you're not in the professional range anymore.

Pleats give you a taylored/structured look which are two things any office-appropriate ensemble needs to maintain its status. You can go as many or as few pleats as you want, just make sure the skirt doesn't hug your curves but is sligtly full (not so full you can twirl in it, but you get the picture).

The one I have pictured is from and is actually on sale for $30. So it's possible to look calm, cool, and professional without giving "all your secrets away".

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