Monday, July 30, 2012

I Hope You Own Happy Pants

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm writing this post pretty late into the night which means this will either get really funny or weirdly weird (the fact that I just used "weirdly weird" may give you a sense of where this is going...)

I've got two gems for you today, the first has to do with your face; the second has to do with my face.

First, your face.
I've noticed that my current foundation obsession, Bare Minerals, no longer offers the cheaper/SPF free version of their powder. I noticed this after almost getting into a fight with the girl at BM in the mall, "No, I've bought it before I know you have SPF-less foundation!" "Mam, we don't."

Now, you have to have SPF in your Bare Minerals foundation, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I'm here to warn you-it's not the end all. If you wear foundation that has SPF in it, don't think you've got a one way ticket to baby butt face well into your 60's. No, you still have to apply a moisterizer with SPF because what your foundation has isn't enough.

Go ahead and slather some of that SPF ridden moisterizer on your face and especially your neck because that's another place that will show your age rather quickly. If you keep it all moisterized and SPF'ed then you'll be asked for your ID well into your 40's (but only because you dared them to-you shouldn't be doing anything that requires ID....riieeght?!)

Ok, now my face.
If you've been loving The Spiff on the WBIR morning show over on FOX, then get your happy pants on-because they've asked me to be a regular!
Every other Tuesday (starting tomorrow!!) I'm going to be bringing you Spiff live at 8:45am!! My God is such a huge God and I'm so thrilled and pumped about this opportunity. I can't wait to see all He has in store :)

Tune in tomorrow on FOX at 8:45 and then check back to The Spiff for more inside scoop on what I've talked about on TV!

And have a spiffy Monday :)

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  1. Why can't you just be in JAX so I can totally say I know a local rockstar! Wait! Nevermind. I know a Rockstar out of state now!!! Congratulations, Eebs!