Friday, July 27, 2012

Turn on the Bright!!

Sephora's got a whole little nail bar going on now. Or as I like to refer to it as, my favorite kind of buffet :)

Browsing it the other day, I got the greatest idea for how to make this seasons neon colors pop the best on your nails!

Sephora's version of OPI has a whole set of bright nail polishes that comes with a top coat and a bottle of all white. At first I thought that all white was just to be used as a color, but when I turned the box over I saw that the instructions are to paint that white on your nails first then paint on the bright color.

Of course!

I was craving my neon pink for this week, so before I painted, I took out my OPI Funny Bunny (pictured) and did a layer of it on each nail.

It turned out perfectly! When I used this bright pink before I had to do about four layers until I got it to look opaque, but with the white on their first it only took two layers to look good. Saving me lots of drying time, thank God!

If you can't look away from the brights, make sure you start with a white and it will make it so much easier.

Happy weekend everybody!

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