Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unraveling the Mystery of Layering

Everything about "layering" is mysterious. Let me prove it to you...

Layer up a present and the mystery of what's inside grows as the receiver unwraps it.
Layer up a cake and you can mystifying the eaters with the flavor (and how in the world you lead such a fabulous life that you have time to make a layered cake :)

Let a fashionista layer up, and you'll watch in stunned mystery as she pulls together the most cohesive of looks with what you thought would have been a jumbled mess.

See? Layers are mysterious. (Not to mention that layers add mystery to your physique as opposed to say, a mini-skirt. No mystery there.)

If you plan on sticking it to the government this weekend by shopping till your acrylics fall off, then you need to arm yourself with how to shop for things that can be layered up and worn throughout the cooler months. And you've come to exactly the right place to do so.

Layering isn't such a bermuda triangle if you break it down...

First you need your foundational pieces. These are things you can build on year after year no matter what's going on in the front window of Forever21. You need to have a few key pieces on which to build your layers.

This weekend is a great time to stock up on wardrobe staples because not only are they tax free, but it's also a good time for sales. Make ready the wallet.

Here is a list of things you want to have that are key pieces you can solidly build your layering upon...
1. A denim jacket
My god, don't go another day without a great one of those! You'll love yourself for it, trust me.
2. Jeans you love your butt in.
Let me clarify this, they have to be jeans you could wear to a business dinner and not be embarrassed by. I know, sometimes our greatest jeans are the ones that make us look border line homeless-if that's your only pair, find a new one.
3. Classic pair of flats and pumps.
You need one of each because not every occasion calls for pumps. A great pair of flats will get you through almost any situation. If they be leopard ones then so be it! You'll be surprised how far that pattern goes.

Every fashion lover has their own list of key pieces, but for me, this is it. Trends will come and go, a good jacket/pair of jeans/shoes you can build on forever.

Come back tomorrow for more schooling on how to layer up!

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