Friday, May 25, 2012

In Short Order

Summer has now put it's tray table in the up right position; it has begun its descent.

In fact, from the look of the weather report for tomorrow (90 degress!), it's landing earlier than expected.

Whether you're ready to bust out your legs or not, you're going to want to this weekend. Here are some ways to find the perfect pair to ride the summer heat ways all the way through...
1. When you go to try on a pair, sit down in them. Make sure they don't ride up very far because if they do you're going to spend all your time pulling at them and that's not good.

2. Watch for bulky pockets. I noticed on a pair of skinny jeans I bought recently that the pockets are ginormous. Now let me ask you, why in the WORLD would I need bulky pockets in a pair of skinny jeans? What would or could I possibly fit down in there that wouldn't add a strange shape and or weight to my thighs?! Ha, I need to calm down. I just think bulky pockets are ridiculous-watch out for them.

3. Go for a sturdy fabric when looking for shorts. You want a sturdy fabric because when you walk and the fabric is flimsy it tends to rid up between your legs more while a sturdy fabric won't. This may mean you spend a little more but it's worth it when you don't look awkward digging in your crotch to keep your shorts from bunching up :)

4. Read reviews! This pair to the right, from Old Navy, are on my list because so many people liked them and mentioned that they fit the criteria above-so win! win!
Good news too, Old Navy is having a sale on their shorts right now!

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