Thursday, May 24, 2012

Your Eyes Called, They Want Some of This...

Sometimes the greatest things in life are six bucks.

Sephora brush cleaner is one of those things.

Without getting all gross on you, think about all the things you do with your make up brushes. Mainly think about all the places they go-such as your eyes!!

It's just as important to have clean brushes as it is to have clean hands, because sometimes those brushes are going places your fingers can't even get to.

Yesterdays' post was all about keeping your make up brushes fresh, well this will help keep your new brushes cleaner longer!

Now you can go the soap and water route, but the problem with that is the water can break down the glue that holds the bristles in the brush. So while it is a cheaper way to go, you do risk wearing your brush down.

That's why the Sephora cleaner is so great-it's only $6! And it lasts a loooooong time.

You do need to pay attention when you go buy, because there are two kinds: shampoo and cleanser. Both of them work very well, it all depends on the way you like it coming out. The shampoo form comes out like a gel (or, ha!, shampoo!) and you rub it in and it gets them all clean.

The cleanser, is what I like best. It's an easy spray that lasts a lot longer than the shampoo and gets them just as clean.

Either way, it's $6 well spent!!

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