Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Color to Paint Your Nails

A general rule of mine is to never and match my nails to anything other than my mood.

On a regular week I don't like to match them to what I'm wearing because that is going to change so often it wouldn't even matter. I'm happy as long as my nails are preened and painted.

But when it comes to a big event, say a sister-in-laws wedding...then you throw that rule out the window and match it to your dress.

I didn't have the dress I wore till two days before the wedding (more on that tomorrow), so I had to pre-determine what colors to go with on my nails and toes based on the colors I knew the dress would have.

Here are three steps to help you determine your nail colors...

1. Try not to match your manicure to what you're wearing.
When you match, the colors don't compliment each other, they compete.

2. If you're wearing a pattern, pull from one of the less dominate colors in it.
That's what I did for my nails. I knew the dress had some white in it, so I went for a white nail color that had a little twinge of yellow in it so as to make it softer. Plus when you are wearing an all over pattern, your nails don't need to be equally loud.

3. Go playful with your toes.
I always like to get a little crazy on my toes.  I considered the kind of shoes I was wearing (sparkly) so I knew a metallic color would be too much. So for this ensemble, I thought about which shade of blue would work, and this lighter (not-quite-robin's-egg-but-close) shade fit the bill perfectly.

You may be reading this and thinking I'm a crazy person for putting this much thought into my outfit. If you are then I won't tell you that this is something I do every time I get dressed. Nor will I tell you that most of my time is spent thinking about clothes/beauty/accessories and how to make them all work better.

What you need to do is just be thankful God wired me the way He did, and keep on reading for nuggets of wisdom like this one ;)

*Sorry I can't get you the polish colors! I actually got a mani-pedi this week! (For the first time in...well I don't even know) A similar version of the white would be OPI's "You're So Vain-illa" and for the blue would be, "Can't Find My Czechbook."

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