Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Comfortable Bra (Oh and it's Strapless)

The name, "strapless bra" is such a contradiction. How can something hold you up AND be strapless?
That's like saying, "I'm going strapless bungee jumping." Or, "Come try this strapless zip line!"

In the end, gravity wins. Every time.

That's why you have to give your bra a little support (ironically enough). That's why I like a strapless bra with a bodice.

Last week I went in search of a new strapless bra (while I was at it, I should've looked for some "high heeled slippers" or a "volumizing straightener" right?!). I hit all the stores I thought would be able to deliver a great bra, but as it turns out, they couldn't (I'm shooting a displeased look at you, Victoria).

I spoke to sales ladies and told them what I needed. I said specifically that I want one with a bodice because it stays up so much better. Each time I got handed a strapless bra.

I tried to appease one sales lady and tried on the $80 bra that matched none of my standards. And sure enough it was uncomfortable and really unflattering (two things strapless bra's are really good at being).

Finally, I walked into Belk. There was no one there to help me but I found exactly what I was needing. A strapless bra with a bodice. Actually the one I got was more along the lines of shape wear, but I don't care as long as there's something under the bra to keep it in place.

The brand I purchased was Maiden Form, but here is a similar one from Belk (here's another good one).

I highly recommend this kind of bra for summer time clothing. It's not something you have to tug and pull at, and it doesn't give you that awful shelf looking line that strapless bras can sometimes show outside of clothing.

This face may say a lot of things, but it wasn't saying anything about being uncomfortable in my bra :)

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