Friday, May 23, 2014

Rent the Runway

That dress that I'm wearing? If I were to walk up to a BCBG store and buy it off the rack, it would cost me, $398. You know how much I paid to wear it? Less than $70.

I rented it from a little site called, "Rent the Runway." If you're like me, thinking you would never spend that much for something you only get to wear once, let me change your mind...

Back in March I poked around their website, found this dress and reserved it in two sizes (at no extra cost).

I didn't have to traipse from store to store trying dresses on, getting frustrated. I didn't have to drive all over town tracking down sizes and colors.

I reserved it, then I browsed through the hundreds of pictures of how other girls wore it so I could get an idea of what accessories to add. I knew the neckline deserved it's day in the sun, so I just planned to wear some diamond hoop earrings and a silver bracelet. Done.

The week before the wedding, I got an email from Rent the Runway letting me know my tracking number and that I could get text alerts to know when my dress was at my front door.

What I didn't have to do was drag the dress out of my closet and steam it.

Two days before the wedding, the dresses arrive at my doorstep. I open the box, try on both sizes, determine which one fits, set the other one aside and continue on with my day completely relaxed with my look. (In the event of an emergency where neither options fits, RTR gives you a back up plan where they'll overnight you a dress in a different size if need be).

You get the rental for four days, and you get to determine when it starts. I chose Friday because that would give me enough time on the front end if something had gone wrong, and it gave me Monday to get it back in the mail.

Included in your rental cost is an insurance fee in case anything goes wrong in shipping, and like I said, they send you two sizes which really helps boost your peace of mind.

After it was all over, I packed both dresses into the UPS envelope they provided, sealed it up and dropped it off. Done. Check. (I get to keep the two clip hangers they came on - suckers!! ;)

Now I don't have another fancy dress in my closet that will never get worn again. I had a designer dress to wear to an important event, and peace of mind in the months leading up to it.

Would I do it again? Oh, you can bet your sweet Badgley Mischka I will.

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