Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thank Mom With Diamonds (Inexpensively)

mothers day gift ideas
How do you thank the woman who played a rather large role in bringing you into this world (and held back during those time when she wanted to take you back out of it?)

You thank her with diamonds. Duh.

I know that there are some women who think these kinds of gifts are silly and unnecessary ("When would I use this stuff?"). But those times when she has a wedding to get dressed for, or even just a dinner out on a Friday night with Dad, she would totally appreciate getting to reach for something sparkly.

(Or heck, the fact that these are all pieces she may never buy for herself but would make her feel so good when she wore them is reason enough! )

Take this adorable clutch from JCPenney, for example.  

Tell her to put down that everyday purse of her's stuffed with receipts and wet wipes, and give her this slim gold clutch with the diamond details. Even if she throws on a black blouse and slacks, this clutch will take make her feel so good.

These diamond jeweled sandals found at Belk are gorgeous.

Convince her that her feet need some bling with these great sandals that will go with everything from bright capris to sundresses (Psst: They're only $20).

You can always slip a new charm on her Pandora bracelet. This one technically doesn't have diamonds, but it's got hearts all over it. Close enough ;)

I know these Ann Taylor earrings wouldn't get pulled out every Monday morning, BUT those times when she needs earrings to wear to that dinner with friends, or even just to perk up her Sunday morning attire...let's just say she wouldn't be frowning when she put these on.

Finally, let's talk about this flowly blouse from White House Black Market with it's diamond shaped metallic accents. You would truly solidify your standing as "Greatest Kid Ever" if she unwrapped this on Mother's Day. It's worth a little over $100 to achieve that great title when it comes time to clean the kitchen...get your siblings who pitched in for a new mop to do it ;)

However you do it, be sure to show your mom you love her big time this Sunday!

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