Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Simple Nail Trick to Save Your Manicure

I'm going to continue on the campaign trail this week, and keep on pushing the idea that you should be painting your nails.

Maybelline Color Show in Pink Embrace
I know it can be a frustrating process when you spend so much time on it, then two days later they start to chip. But I've got a solution for that.

Over the weekend I went with a new polish from Maybelline's Color Show line. It's a petal pink color, and I thought it would look even better if I made it "matte". So I painted my Essie mattifier over it.

Maybelline Color Show in Pink Embrace
Pink Embrace

The whole thing looked great...for about a day. Then because the pink is so light, it started to look dirty and really gross.

This, as you all can attest, did not make me a happy camper. No one likes to see all that hard work of filing your nails/painting/dry time go down the drain so easily.

Reluctantly I went to the bathroom and started to remove my polish, and it was then the idea struck.

I didn't have to work on taking the whole thing off my nails. All I needed to do was remove the top layer. It was the top layer with the mattifier on it that needed to be erased. And by only leaving the acetone on there for a couple seconds, it was as if I rewound to when I had painted the first layer of color on my nails.

Which meant all I had to do was paint one layer on top and be on my way!

Maybelline Color Show in Pink Embrace
I was struck by the brilliance of the idea - why hadn't I thought of this before?! It saves you time, and it saves you product. Because I didn't have to go back and paint base coat and more color - just the one layer of color and wha-la! My nails look great again and they've lasted all week.

Think about that next time you've got a chip, or botched nails. Don't start all the way over - just take the first layer off!

If you're a super early riser, be sure to watch me on WVLT (channel 8) tomorrow morning between 6:15 and 6:30. I'll be giving more Easter outfit options!

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