Friday, March 14, 2014

What to Wear When Going Out This Weekend

Weekends seem to fill up fast these days, which translates into a lot of outfit planning.

If your March is anywhere near as booked as mine, let me help alleviate some of the outfit planning pressure and give you an idea of what to wear to say... a great evening eating sushi with friends (insert whatever night time activity you're planning for the weekend here).

A couple weekends ago I got to eat fabulous sushi with fabulous friends, so I knew right off that what I wore would have to be equal parts casual and cool.

This time of year I'll take any excuse to get into my white blazer, so I thought to balance out it's crisp whiteness I would add all black. Nothing but black. Blackity black darkness.

how to style a white blazer

I did this in the form of black skinnies, a black shirt, and black boots. All black everything.

What this did was create a simple silhouette that was casual and cool all the while letting my white blazer take the spotlight. When adding a fancier piece like this blazer, it's good to keep everything else low key. Especially when you're going out with a crowd to a restaurant that can go either way (and sushi restaurants can definitely go either casual or dressy).

You never know what everyone else is going to be wearing so you want to maintain that balance of dressy and casual.

black boots
I love the little embellishments on these jeans. There's some on the butt too *ah-wink.

I added this cool metallic statement necklace because there was that big empty space right there that needed something.

But besides a watch, that's all the jewelry I went with. The final touch was one of my favorite clutches. Black and white snake skin with a brass knuckle handle. Since it was an edgy outfit, why not carry an edgy purse that can also double as self defense tool when walking back to my car which was a ways away from the restaurant.

what to wear this weekend

See, I give you great outfits that are both cute and functional.

Try something like this for your next Friday night out and see how cool you feel!

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